G.I.Joe A Real American Hero - 1/1

I was never big into G.I. Joe. Not the comic, or the cartoon and I haven’t even seen the movie. But I appreciate a team of military badasses with long history. The concept seems custom built for a badass run and gun game and looks like Taxan felt the same. I have never played or heard of this game as a child, but I wish I had. it plays like Contra but with a bunch of different characters. This game goes for about $25-35 on eBay, which … might be a reasonable price from a collector perspective, I am not sure. If you see it at a garage sale, get it!


Does something look like fun? You want to check it out for yourself? There is nothing stopping you! Emulating these games is easier than ever. If you are a Mac user, go download OpenEmu right now. If you are a Windows user just go get FCEUX NES emulator. All you need now is the games.


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