• Dirty Harry - 0/1

    It actually seems fun. Harry walking around the city shooting dudes and investigating. Unfortunately, the game cannot overcome how terrible the controls are. I feel like I spent more time fighting the game itself than I did the enemies.

  • Dizzy, the Adventures of - 1/1

    This seems to either be a point and click adventure game, or an action adventure game. We didn’t get far enough in to truly find out. The animation looks very good for Nintendo.

  • Donkey Kong - 1/1

    Probably the best classic arcade game ever made. The NES port is one of the best, if not THE BEST. Everything about it feels awesome. Classics never die.

  • Donkey Kong III - 1/1

    Unexpected game. You aren’t DK, you aren’t DK Jr, and you aren’t even Mario… Just some dork with a gas can trying to literally blow smoke up DK’s ass. Bugs are trying to kill you. As an arcade game the concept is totally fine but what the hell?

  • Donkey Kong Jr - 1/1

    A bit of a role reversal here! You now take control of DK’s son to save DK from the evil grip of Mario the terrible! The sad look on DK Jr’s face says it all. Violence begets violence like the fairy tails always say…

  • Donkey Kong Math - 1/1

    Obviously now this is dated and probably boring. But at the time, in a world of Oregon Trail and Number Munchers, this game would have been an absolute blast! The competitive nature might even disguise the fact that actual learning is going on. I would have loved to own this game when I was a kid. I can even see myself secretly practicing in private to make sure I can hold my own when competition arrives. Parents can even play it with kids and help them learn.

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