NES AtoZ 70 : Gemfire, Ghengis Khan, Goergee Foreman Boxing, Getsu Fuma Den and Ghostbusters


Maybe it’s just me, but I am very impressed with the graphics of this game. It is full of color and detail. The character portraits looks great and even the tactical “battle screen” looks pretty awesome. Obviously a long-term strategy game like this doesn’t lend itself very well at all to a 5-minute format but this game really impressed me in it’s short time. Some of the menus seem convoluted but I bet the aren’t so bad once you get into the game. I read a little more about this game via gamefaqs and wikipedia. It has amazing depth! It’s hard to recommend a primitive strategy game like this, but I almost want to. If I had this when I was a kid, I would have logged MAD HOURS.


Genghis Khan

It was made by the same company as Gemfire, plays very similarly to Gemfire… Almost like a poorly made prototype. The graphics here are much worse. The menus are more confusing. Once again the game does not lend itself well to a 5-minute format, but I hardly need 5 minutes to give this a 0. If you are looking for a strategy experience on NES I would play Gemfire.


George Foreman’s KO Boxing

Well… It’s looks and plays almost identically like Punch Out. Except it looks and plays worse. I find it difficult to rate a game like this without just telling you to play the much better alternative. It just has nothing good going for it. I guess George is pretty cool. He is certainly a better role model than Mike Tyson.


Getsu Fuma Den

I found this game from the youtube channel of Jimmy Hapa who does retro reviews of imported Japanese games. I keep my eyes peeled for games that never made it to America by still remain mostly playable. This is a cool game with overworld exploration segments and side scrolling battle screens. Similar to the previously covered Demon’s Crest. The graphics and sound are good. The monsters are large and menacing. The control is top notch, but I would expect nothing less from Konami.



I knew the AVGN tore this game up in one of his episodes. I know it has a bad reputation. But how bad is it? Well it’s damn-near unplayable. Even after we thought we knew what we are supposed to do… We had no idea WTF we are supposed to do! What kind of game is that? The good news is, they got the music right, and I applaud them for that at least.


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