• Devil World - 0/1

    I said this was a Japan only game and I was wrong about that. It was also released in Europe, it was just America that didn’t get this game because of how scared we are of any religious iconography. Nintendo itself both developed and published this game which I find very strange for some reason… The gameplay is reminiscent of Pac Man and I don’t think it’s bad at all. You need to grab a cross to “eat” the dots. The cross only lasts for either a limited time, or a limited amount of dots I can’t tell which one. The level is over once you eat all the dots. Meanwhile ghosts are trying to kill you and the Devil moves the screen around trying to crush you on the sides. We took a democratic vote on the game and both my co-hosts gave it a 0, although I think there is nothing wrong with the game.

  • Dick Tracy - 1/1

    I have seen this game critically panned by most reviewers on youtube. I never owned or played this game as a kid and maybe if you try to “seriously” beat it it’s worse than just flirting with it. From what I saw, the gameplay looked fun and it seems to follow the movie pretty closely. Driving takes a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang out it, you can only blame yourself for failure.

  • Die Hard - 1/1

    A decent movie adaptation. You run around killing bad guys working your way up the skyscraper in a top down perspective. A bit like Guerrilla War or the countless other top down shooters on NES. The game has a unque line-of-sight mechanic which I think is pretty innovative. Shooting pop machines and drinking Coca Cola refills your health. Hilarious.

  • Dig Dug II Trouble in Paradise - 1/1

    I guess after Dug’s first adventure he decided to take a little vacation, in paradise. Trouble is, the red snorkel-wearing dudes and green dragons had the same idea. The gameplay is quite similar to the original with some optimizations. I always loved the original and I see no reason not to love this.

  • Digger T Rock - 1/1

    I said this game is probably based on an arcade game but on further inspection I was wrong. This is strictly an NES game with no sequels or prequels. The game has your young avatar named Digger searching in caverns looking for treasures. Based on my five minutes, the game looks like an open ended action adventure with awesome music. What is not to like?

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