NES AtoZ 78: Hogan’s Alley, Hollywood Squares, Holy Diver, Home Alone, Home Alone 2

Hogan’s Alley – 1/1


This is a pretty slick game with three gameplay modes. In both Hogan’s Alley A and B you need to shoot the good guys but not the bad guys. In mode A, three people pop up at a time in various configurations, you need to act fast to zap the baddies while avoiding the innocent. This is a fine mode but it’s SO SLOW… You spend 2 seconds playing and then another 5 waiting for the next series to pop up. If this was more fast paced it would be much more fun. Mode B is a little better. This time you are in a cityscape and people pop up in various windows and doors. Once again shoot the baddies but not the good people. It’s not as easy as it sounds since the old man is dead-set on dressing like a thug.

In the final mode, you are trying to shoot cans into specific scoring regions. It’s kinda like Pachinko, or maybe even darts. I found this mode to be the most fun. With a real light gun it would be an absolute blast. I highly recommend this game for real NES collectors.

Hollywood Squares – 1/1


I have to admit, I missed the boat with all these classic game shows. I watched a good amount of The Price is Right in my middle school years but I guess I was too young for Family Feud and Hollywood Squares. Coming in completely clueless, I think I picked up on this game pretty quick and actually had a blast playing it. There isn’t too much to say about NES interpretations of text-based gameshows. The graphics are pretty funny and cute, control is totally fine and I can only assume they are using the sound effects from the show? Awesome game.

Holy Diver – 1/1


This game feels a lot like Castlevania and that is a good thing. The control is tight, the levels are nice looking and the music is good. This is a pretty uncommon game most people have never heard of. I learned about it originally from a speedrun during Awesome Games Done Quick (below) and I learned that it is based on the Dio album of the same name. Wikipedia says:

Although there is no official connection to the Dio album of the same name, there are numerous references to heavy metal music; multiple characters are named after heavy metal performers, and bands, and the imagery of the game’s graphics are evocative of Hell.

Home Alone – 0/1


Just look at how Kevin walks… Look how disgusting everything looks! How do you even play this fucking game? It seems like it wants to do something but what? I learned how to walk around the house and interact with objects. Sometimes they create icons which disabled the bad guys, I suppose those are my traps. But what then? This game isn’t good enough to spend your time figuring it out. Maybe if you are die hard Home Alone fan you might like it. At least it tries to follow the plot of the movie.

Home Alone 2 – 0/1


Remember when Kevin was trapped in a hotel and he was being assaulted by luggage and vacuum cleaners? Remember that time he approached the front counter and the concierge started throwing BOMBS at him? What the fuck is going on here? Who is that pervert molested chasing me? None of this is from the movie! It’s as if the took some zany Japanese game about a haunted hotel and just plastered Home Alone on the box. It isn’t even trying. The controls are shit, Kevin looks like a cretin, the whole thing is a mess. Just a typical movie cash in.

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