NES AtoZ 74 : Greg Norman’s Golf Power, Gremlins 2, Guardian Legend, Guerrilla War & Gun Nac

Greg Norman’s Golf Power

Another unremarkable golf game. There isn’t anything bad about it, but I also can’t see myself spending any time with it. I will give it this much, learning to play it was easy. On the other hand, maybe I am just so used to playing golf games now that it just felt easy. It is hard to tell. Anyway, the game doesn’t have any terrible flaws so I can’t give it a 0 in good conscience.

Gremlins 2

I loved the Gremlins movies when I was a kid, but somehow I never played this game before. I am glad I did now, because it’s awesome! You play as Gizmo in a cute and responsive action adventure. I would compare it to Fester’s Quest but it’s much better and a ton more fun. They even got some licensed music from the movie. This game has been added to my hidden gems list.

George Foreman’s KO Boxing

Guardian Legend is a bit of a classic which is often cited as one of the greats on the NES. It’s a huge game with a ton of variety, exploration and discovery. If I remember correctly, the game alternates between being a shooter and being a top down action adventure. I used to own this game and play it regularly in my childhood, my memory of it is very foggy but I do see flashes of various enemies during the shooting sections like giant piranha fish… Awesome graphics, awesome music, awesome game.

Guerrilla War

Imagine just the top-down section from Super C, now blow that up into an entire game and you have Guerrilla War! It’s a two-player macho gun rampage that never ends! I found out after playing that the “code” for getting free lives is… pretty much facerolling the controller and pressing every button at once. So I guess anyone can beat this game by abusing this cheat. I can’t say that makes me upset. It sure seems impossible otherwise.

Gun Nac

One of the best shooters on the NES Gun Nac was developed by Compile. The game really plays like a prototype of Space Megaforce which is a game I was a huge fan of when I was a kid, although I never beat it. I should go give it another shot.

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