• Dr Chaos - 1/1

    Me and Eric explored this game further and it turns out to get anywhere you need to wander around and use the “hit” command on every section of wall in the rooms. Often you will punch a hole in the wall which will grant you access to more areas of the house. Story progression based on totally hidden secret rooms? That is pretty annoying writing… Oh well just because it isn’t my thing doesn’t mean the game is bad. It actually controls pretty well and the gameplay is fun enough.

    Dr. Chaos NES gameplay

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - 0/1

    One of the most hated games on the internet, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde might be a little misunderstood. I did not feel it was as difficult to play as the other YouTube personalities. There are plenty of annoyances like how your staff attack seems totally worthless and how some towns people attack you and some don’t. But honestly this game’s biggest problem is boredom. The levels are way too long and the only game play, if you are playing well, is to SLOWLY walk to the right and jump. Yawn.

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde NES gameplay

  • Dr Mario - 1/1

    My experience with Dr. Mario is very limited. I have probably played Dr. Mario more in Smash Brothers Melee than I have in his original form. Even to the untrained eye, the game certainly feels right. The music is awesome, the gameplay is tight and they even have a competitive 2-player mode. It’s a winner.

    Dr. Mario NES gameplay

  • Dragon Fighter - 1/1

    Never heard of this game. I have never even seen it pop up on any “hidden gems” lists. Why not? The animation is awesome, the graphics are good, the gameplay is solid and you get to turn into a dragon. I am going to give this game some extra play time, but it might enter MY hidden gem list.

    Dragon Fighter NES Gameplay

  • Dragon Power - 1/1

    I actually looked this up, it is a Dragon Ball Z game! But it came out before Dragon Ball Z aired in America so we would have no idea what is going on. So… They changed what Goku looks like, and slightly changed the names but left most of the story totally intact… Not sure how that helps. This game feels like Zelda with slightly goofy looking graphics. The dialogue is hilarious! I liked it.

    Dragon Power NES Gameplay