Originally I was only doing USA games but then it occurred to me that some games were Europe only and I didn’t want to leave them out! I dumped the EU games into my list and four of them ended up being in parts of the alphabet that I have already played through. So this session is dedicated to getting caught up. Enjoy.

10-Yard Fight – 1/0

Not sure what to say about this. Seems like a very bad football game with no redeeming qualities. I feel sorry for anyone that had this.

Action in New York – 1/1

This game seems to draw inspiration from the Contra series. The look of the character, the gun action and sound effects all scream Contra to me. Obviously the gameplay itself is very different. It’s a side scrolling shooter along the lines of Gradius rather than a run and gun. I had a great time.

Aladdin – 0/1

I looked it up. Indeed this is a port of the Genesis version of the game (which is very excellent) however anytime you take a game from a higher system and try to play it on a lower system it’s not going to be good. The gameplay is clunky and terrible and so is the color. It looks like a gameboy game!

Asterix – 1/1

I am vaguely familiar with this series, I think there are more of these games on SNES. Plays like a great platformer. In my short 5 min gameplay I experienced a nice variety of platforming challenges. Solid game for platforming fans.

Back to the Future – 1/1

Clearly the game has pretty much nothing to do with the movie. Why are you collecting clocks? Why do you throw bowling balls? I guess the skateboard is somewhat relevant. Anyway, that game plays like a top down shooter but you are on foot. Reminds me of Dino Riki. There isn’t anything wrong with it.

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