It seems the collector’s edition of ME3 will feature a female Shepard. I can’t say I like that very much for a couple of reasons. Primarily both ME1 and ME2 have male Shepard on the box. Seems strange for the third game in the series to have a totally different protagonist… (Although I did think it would be pretty cool if in ME2 you can choose to have a sex change when the rebuild you from scratch.)

Second reason is more profound. I have beaten ME1 and ME2 countless times. I have played it as both male and female. All of my male Shepard look the same: the iconic basic Shepard. Why? Because that is what Shepard is supposed to look like. That is him on the game box, in the manual, on the trailers. If I have a different Shepard I feel like I am not playing the game right. On the other hand my famale Shepards came in a plethora different looks. I have Terra, a pretty, blond, adept with soft red lipstick and purple eyes (a side effect from her Eezo exposure), then I have Motoko an infiltrator with jet black hair, black lipstick and a tough-as-nails demeanor. See, no one ever told you what female Shepard is supposed to look like, so it’s easy to use your imagination and play the game with no regrets.

I do have one massive complaint in general. The face editor is HORRIBLE! I remember when I played Fight Night I was blown away by how insane and complex the face builder was. Every single element of a face could be tweaked 1% at a time. I made a whole roster of boxers based on my high school teachers and it was convincing! In Mass Effect 1 and 2 you get like 8 eyes, 8 mouths, 6 haircuts (all of which look like plastic)… it’s a joke. I don’t get why it’s so bad either since EA is responsible for the amazing face generator of all the EA sports games. Can’t they borrow it or something?

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway. BioWare set up a facebook page where fans can “like” the female Shepard image that will appear on the collector’s edition, and I assume will be the default appearance of FemShep in the game. I voted for number 4, the exotic looking one, as well as number 6. I would never vote for any of the Sheps with their hair up. I fucking hate that.

Like your favorites. Then come back and tell me which you chose.

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