Sad to say Apple really shit the bed on this system. It is a usability nightmare. All the new “features” they added fucking suck.

  • Launch pad is fucking useless
  • Fullscreen apps? Joke
  • Inverted scrolling!? Why the fuck did that need a change?
  • A bunch of my old applications no longer work
  • Installation was anything but smooth

I guess Apple loved the iPad so much they decided to just shove that functionality down everyone’s throat. There is only one problem. Not everyone has a fucking iPad inside thier ass (yet). So not everybody is happy to accept these stupid changes. I have spent 20 years on my computer, now they decide to just change how it work? Fuck you!

Here is a private message I was sent on youtube. I was going to just reply but I figured I might as well reply in public so people with the same arguments as this person can read my retort.

Everything you are saying is true, but nothing you are saying is profound. Most of the things you said were addressed in my video and I don’t think I overstepped my bounds at all.

1. The issue with the scroll wheel isn’t how hard to is to revert. But how absurd it is that the default setting was reversed at all. It was enough of a pain in the butt for me to fix it. Like I said in the video, a computer-noob like my mother or father would have no idea where to even begin looking for that setting. Not to mention once again, as stated in the video, the wording of the checkbox is totally set for touch pads users and if you are coming from a mouse and keyboard paradigm it makes no sense.

2. I mention that the fullscreen problem with Chrome is unique to Chrome.

3. I know how NOT to use launch pad, and obviously I will not be using it. It bothers me that all development time and energy went in to developing a “feature” I find so pointless. Aside from being pointless its a terrible user experience. The whole dragging and organizing shit sucks on iPad too. But there is no other way on an iPad (although iPad should have alphabetical and list view for sure). Also I would like to point out that telling someone to just not use it and ignore it instead of complaining about it is just like telling movie critics, film critics and generally review journalists of any kind to quit doing their jobs.

4. Overreacting? Hardly. I have been installing systems and upgrading my Mac since 1996 and I never had as much trouble as this. No only does Lion bring nothing useful to the table, but it actually forces you to reverse features to bring your computer back to the same usability you have grown accustomed too. So I spent money to buy myself inconvenience. So you tell me to just accept it, get over it and walk away? Maybe that is how you deal with a situation but not me.

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