A mirror-match is a true test of player skill. When playing any other match-up, you can always hide behind the “imbalance” defense. But when you are both Sub-Zero you have the exact same tools at your disposal. The only deciding factor is how you use those tools. The better player will always win a mirror match. I like that thrill. Player’s should all be excited to mirror match one another to truly prove who is the strongest.

Sub-Zero vs Sub-Zero has a unique problem however. The double freeze. Sub’s signature move is the freeze: he throws a frost ball and if it hits the opponent they become frozen for like two seconds. As you can image, in a Sub vs Sub match there are dozens of ice balls flying all over the place and very frequently you will find both Sub-Zero’s frozen, like to statues in the courtyard of some maniacal ice magician.

Two frozen ninjas stare at one another, locked in an eternal, yet motionless, struggle to the death. For two seconds. Then they both unfreeze and continue to battle for real. Until the next involuntary pause. When both players decide the time is right to throw a freeze.

With any other pair of projectiles, if you throw them at the same time, they both connect and do their respective damage. Progress is made on both sides and the battle rages on. Other match-ups are fast, smooth, natural. But Sub vs Sub is anything but. The mirror match is like stop and go traffic. The double freeze does zero damage, doesn’t progress the battle, no characters gains any advantage material or otherwise, its simply a waste of time. This isn’t a major issue, but frankly, this should have been stopped and changed in testing.

Here is the solution I propose. When two ice balls collide, they annihilate each other instead of passing through. Just like fireballs in Street Fighter games. This same rule should also be applied to any “disabling” projectiles like Cyrax’s net. I am not familiar with the Cyrax mirror but I can image double netting is just as annoying.

Its a simple fix guys, let’s get it done.

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