Mortal Kombat 9 fatality cheat sheet. All characters fatalities listed and orginized.

Are you sick of looking up Mortal Kombat 9 fatalities online and then paging through a spitefully-unalphabetized nineteen-page text file just to learn how to do Sektor’s Babality? This MK9 fatality cheat sheet has all the features you need:

  • All fatalities and babalities
  • Kratos, Skarlet, Kenshin, Rain and Freddy included
  • Alphabetized
  • Color-coded

I need a handheld one-page fatality cheat sheet so I can quickly access all my favorite violent murders. Wouldn’t you agree? I took matters into my own hands and created this. It is 300dpi and prints perfectly.

Mortal Kombat (mk9) Fatalities single printable cheat sheet

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