I have been watching “let’s plays” on YouTube for as long as I can remember using YouTube. I dreamed of being a player myself; originally, my thought was to beat games and memorialize my victory in video form. A collection of trophies. I quickly discovered that I no longer have the time or skill to actually beat many of the games.

I needed a different gimmick, something more bite-sized. And so, the idea to play every (US) game in the NES library was born!

Are the games from my childhood as good or bad as I remember? How many awesome games are there that I have never heard of? I set out to answer all of these questions and more! There are about 750 games in the library and it is probably going to take me 5 years, but I am prepared. Please watch and enjoy.


  • Why only 5 minutes?

    The number is arbitrary. I knew I wanted to only play each game for a short time because I want to eventually play them all. Also I didn’t want to subject viewers, or myself, to playing horrible games for a long period of time.

  • Why the 0 or 1 rating system?

    I like how definitive it is. It is basically a thumbs up or thumbs down rating system. I would either recommend this game or I wouldn’t.

  • Where can I find more content like this?

    The Mexican Runner actually BEAT every NES game in a series called NESManiaChrontendo is an awesome YouTube channel where Dr Sparkle reviews every NES game in chronological order.

Play Along

  • Where do I get games?

    Downloading video game roms is a bit of a grey area, but it’s pretty easy to do. Generally you just use Google and some very not clever search terms. Please see my guide for more information on how to get roms.

  • Best emulator for Mac

    Although there are other emulators for Mac, the best one hands down is OpenEmu. If you have never heard of this, please check out my OpenEmu guide.