cute little zombie girls

cute little zombie girlsLet’s say there is a gameshow where some giant company clones a bunch of mindless zombie toddlers. They are not real children and never were real children. They are simply animated piles of cloned flesh that don’t have feelings and only want to kill you and eat you.

You are the contestant on this show, and you get to “bet” how many toddlers you want to go into the room with. For each toddler you wager you will get paid $1000 after you exit the room. There are no weapons. The room is a basketball court (no bleachers, its walled off) and the toddlers are released 1 per second, alternating from the 4 doors to the room until they are all released. You need to survive for 1 hour to win.

How many toddlers would you agree to step into the arena with?

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