All the delicious parts of Pam Anderson

All the delicious parts of Pam AndersonYou are familiar with the concept of organ donors? Same concept, except people donate their bodies and organs to the culinary world. This question is about sanctioned cannibalism. Here is the deal, you sign up as a donor and in return your family, or whoever you want, gets a hefty reward after your death. It is like insurance but totally separate. Don’t worry about how much they pay out, that isn’t what the question is about. The point is, all the human meat comes from volunteers, who died of naturally or accidentally, who’s family is prospering.

Because of this, human meat is commonplace. It isn’t cheap and plentiful, but it is readily available at your local grocery store and specialty meat markets. Purchasing, cooking and eating this human meat is legal. There are cook books on the market dealing specifically with cooking humans and which cuts are best with which wine etc.

Would you refuse to eat human meat even in this world? Or would you partake?

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