This is what it looks like when I sign in to Xbox Live. Can you spot the fail?

This is the first screen that I need to interact with when my Xbox turns on. I need to log into my XBL profile. Profiles are organized alphabetically. Which is probably the least useful scheme for organizing profiles. If you care about good user interface (like a multi-million dollar company that designs a consumer electronic device should) you probably should default to “most recently used” or even “most frequently used” as the default display. Hell how about having a button change how they are displayed!?

If it isn’t obvious, my profile is AK Motion and I am the middle character in this list. I need to move the selector to the right to sign in as myself. Fortunately my name starts with an A so I am near the front of this alphabetical list. I can simply delete the “Air Yury” profile and I will be first. What if my name was VirtualAlex instead? I would need to input possible 12-16 commands just to sign in, every single time I turn on my Xbox. Or I guess I could delete all of the profiles so I am the only one… Both solutions are terrible user experience.

Why am I so pissed at such a minor issue? Because this is FUCKING EMBARRASSING! At some point, someone made the call to have this be an alphabetized list. I hope to GOD it wasn’t the interface designer because if it was he needs to be fired. If it wasn’t him, then who the hell was it? HIRE ME! What is this amateur hour? This is Microsoft we are talking about, they have designed HUNDREDS of user interfeces, (granted most of them are terrible) hasn’t practice made perfect by now?

Good job Microsoft, add this to your impressive list of failures. Some of which I have documented for your pleasure.

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