valentines day gift idea pot of origami flowers valentines day gift idea pot of origami flowers
Buying gifts for your significant other is hard enough. Coming up with something thoughtful and romantic gets harder every year. I know the feeling guys. I went through an origami phase in high school, and from that phase I came up with this delightful little craft project. It is perfect for: anniversaries, birthdays, valentines day, mothers day, any other day!

Check out the how to video below to make one of these beauties of your own. Illustrated flower instructions are below. I will also wrote out all the instructions and offer some suggestion/variations.



Hit up your local crafts store; Michael’s worked for me. You need to buy a few key things:

Origami Paper

It comes in many varieties. Experiment to get flowers that look the coolest. I have seen this paper have a radial gradient which ends up looking awesome. You can also make your own by simply cutting paper into perfect squares.

Narrow Wooden Dowels

These will act like the flowers stems. Most craft stores and, sometimes, hardware stores just sell wooden dowels you can buy. You can also purchase food skewers (like long toothpicks) from a grocery store. Alternatively you could use something like piper cleaners.


We need a solution for keeping the flowers still once the project is done. Styrofoam is the cheapest solution but many things will work. You could use play dough or clay and full up the bottom half of the pot for example.


This will be used to color the wooden dowels green so they look like a real stem. This can also be paint. Or you could not even color them if that look seems appealing (i’ve done it).

Hot Glue Gun

A touch of hot glue is used to fix the stem to the flower. In the video I use crazy glue instead of hot glue because I couldn’t find my gun. You could also use little balls of clay attached to the top of the stem on the inside of the flower.

Green Paper

The leaves are made out of this. It doesn’t even need to be green, but that is the most common leaf color.

Miniature Pot/Mug

Tiny pots are sold at hobby stores. Mugs are sold all over. You have plenty of freedom here. I like mugs a lot because you can always find a novelty mug with a fitting holiday message.

Coffee Grounds

This will fill in the pot and simulate the dirt. Anything that looks like dirt will work, you can even just use real dirt. I like coffee because it has a good smell and it isn’t damp.

Go Time

The steps do not need to be done in any particular order so feel free to do them however you feel comfortable or follow along with my video.

  1. Paint your wooden dowels green
  2. Fold five or more origami flowers following the instructions below
  3. Poke the dowels through the flower bottom and secure them with a dab of hot glue, or clay.
  4. Secure styorofoam (or clay) into the pot or mug container.
  5. Cut out leaves from construction paper.
  6. Poke stems through leaves
  7. Poke stems into foam at the bottom of the container.
  8. Top container with ground coffee
  9. Bonus touch, spray a scent (perfume) on the flowers when finished.

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