Taco Bell is my favorite place to eat. I even wrote a whole article on my blog about how awesome Taco Bell’s vegetarian options are. However this particular Taco Ball, the one I go to most often, has been truly letting me down. I am a reasonable person who has worked in the food industry a considerable amount of time. I have a good feel for when I am being annoying or crazy and when I am not. This situation should have been handled differently.


Looks like Taco Bell ended up seeing this video and wanted to make it right. I really appreciate that. Today when I checked the mail I received a pleasant surprise! They gave me (and Shane) four “two free item” certificates, three $5 gift certificates, four little hot sauce pins, and a hand-written card. Very well done.


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  1. Shari Hagen
    Shari Hagen says:

    Can you rant about how they don’t have any gluten free options then.. because it would be so easy for them to have them?


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