I have been a member of the Dollar Shave Club for two months now and I must say I am very pleased about it so far. The concept here is simple, they send you razor blades in the mail for a super low cost! Check out my unboxing video:

For as little as $1 a month you can be getting razors delivered. But let’s be honest, the only reason that bottom rung is there is to make you feel better about choosing the middle one. No one is scraping their face with a 2-blade razor… That would be barbaric. So pretty much you have 2 options, for $6 and $9 a month.

I know what you are saying: “Is that really cheaper than what I buy?” The answer is yes. I know it’s hard to remember how much razors are because you only buy them like once a quarter. I went to Walmart specifically to check and 10 Gillet razors cost between $25-30 depending on the variety you choose. That means you are paying between $2.5 or $3 per head, while DSC razors are $1.25 per head. It’a a great deal! While ordering you can also tag on a bunch of add-ons like after shave, shaving cream, and moist towelettes for a minor additional charge.

The quality of the razors is good. I wouldn’t call them amazing or outstanding, but I also wouldn’t call them bad. I certainly feel like my 2nd and 3rd shave with these get a bit rough, but I only shave twice a week. You can get a new razor every week so it is a fair trade off.

Honestly guys, there is very little risk. You sign up on a month by month basis, pay $6 once and try them out. If you don’t like them, cancel. I recommend you give it a try. If you do plan on giving it a shot, please use my affiliate link, I would appreciate it:


They sent me some sweet loot for posting a review of them online, that is super cool! I full package of one-wipe Charlies! And then only like two weeks later they sent me even more loot to celebrate prostate cancer awareness.

Dollar Shave Club Loot

charlies, shave butter,
t-shirt, thank you note
Dollar Shave Club Loot

charlies, music, crossword,
matches, scented candle