People have told me this is a stupid tip. They say it’s obvious. If it’s so obvious how come every girl I’ve ever been with has always done it wrong? How come all of the promotional materials put out by lingerie brands have it this way? Well “experienced” people tell me they advertisements do it this way because they want to show off the lingerie. BULLSHIT! This is secret technology I am bringing to you exclusively.

lingerie-3 lingerie-2 lingerie-1

Just because that is how you are “supposed” to do it doesn’t mean it’s the best way. I offer you a better way! Instead of putting on underwear and then putting garters over them, reverse it. Put the garters on first, then put the underwear on over them. Just try it people!

Holiday time! Great time for neckties don’t you think? Here are some deals which I am happy to bring you. Catch some knots and enjoy!

Sterling Scott

Scott Connor from has created an entirely new necktie line which is actually like a cross between a necktie and a cravat. All of the ties are hand made and very durable. Additionally, all of the ties are double-sided which opens up plenty of opportunities for interesting patterns.

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Knots Apparel

Knots Apparel is a great company that creates some truly innovative necktie designs. They are brand new and only have two necktie lines currently but each line is totally unique and has it’s own aesthetic. Each necktie line is based on a carefully select charity and the aesthetics of the designs are inspired by the charitable cause.

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The Dark Knot

For more traditional necktie needs look no further than the Dark Knot. This company sells a huge selection of solid, striped and patterned neckties. They are also the only company I know that sells extra long neckties. Perfect for a larger person who still wants to dabble in exotic necktie knots.

30% with promo code: AGREEORDIE

Dark Knot Dark Knot Dark Knot

The Interview

Brian and PJ were kind enough to take the time out of their busy lives and sit down with me for an interview. I ask them about the history of the company, how they choose which charity to support and what is in store for the future.

The Company

Knots Appear is a passion project founded by Brian and PJ, two very likable gentleman who wanted to find a way to help people. The chose to start a socially conscious men’s apparel company which promises to donate 50% of all profit to charities.


The charities are hand picked, and transparency is one of the most important traits the founders look for when choosing. They want to make sure that above all, the money is being used to help people.

Currently they are helping the Water of Waslala charity, but more will follow.

The Product

The company is very new and as of this writing they only offer a single collection of neckwear, the Waslala collection. Each collection will be totally unique and specific to each charity.


These ties are made from a heavy denim material, and have a design I have never experienced before. They are sleek, asymmetrical, and earthy. They actually feel like they are from the future, both in fabric and design choice. The width of the tie is medium, or modern. They are no the wide blades your dad wears, but also not a skinny tie.

I am a huge fan of the way these ties look and feel. The “casual” material allows these ties to feel totally natural on a fun night out, while the unique tasteful design will set you apart in a more formal venue.

The Giveaway

Brian, PJ and I all agreed to offer all of you a giveaway opportunity! In order to be eligible to win you need to like the Knots Apparel Facebook page, take a photo wearing a your best eldredge knot and, in your photo, hold up the name of a charity you think would be a good fit for future Knots Apparel necktie collection. At the end of the contest the founders of Knots Apparel will select two winners who will receive a free Waslala collection tie! Your charity suggestion will be considered as a potential parter of knots apparel (although no promises are being made that it WILL be featured.)


Simple steps:

  • Like Knots Apparel on Facebook and Follow on instagram
  • Post a photo of yourself wearing an Eldredge knot on the AgreeorDie facebook page
  • Hold the name of a suggested charity
  • Share your photo all over the place and be proud of yourself!
  • Giveaway is over October 30th

Alright guys it’s GIVEAWAY TIME and a very exciting giveaway at that. If you follow my site and my social media (you should) then you know I have been working with Scott Conner lately promoting his very invented necktie line. Well now I got some time with Scott Conner for a nice long interview and talked him into participating in a giveaway!

In order to get yourself one of these epic black label ties all you need to do to is take a photo of yourself dressed to kill, pretend you are going to a Sterling Scott party! In your photo you need to include a sign that says @STERLINGSCOTTxo and AGREEorDIE so we know the photo is fresh and authentic. Then, July 15th Scott Conner will will personally select a winner.


Remember you can always save 33% of any product by using my promocode AGREEorDIE! Also if you don’t even know what I am talking about or what you stand to win in this giveaway make sure to look at my unboxing and review.

sterling-scott2 sterling-scott6 sterling-scott5

I am so excited about this new neckwear option. The only thing keeping me from wearing these ties MUCH more often is my shortage of vests! I have set it before, and i’ll say it again:

I have a vested interest in investing in vests.

While you are checking out my videos keep in mind that if you use the promo code AGREEorDIE you can save 33% on any of your Sterling Scott purchases!

Please check out my unboxing and review of the Sterling Scott collection.

Some key takeaways:

  • Small productions runs
  • Production numbers proves authenticity
  • Double sides ties
  • variety of fabrics and designs
  • unique malleable look

These tie’s unique sticking and fabric offer a unique opportunity for knotting. The patented Scott knot showcases this versatility as demonstrated in my next video specifically about the knot.

Check out the Sterling-Scott website right now and check out the variety of ties available! Make sure to use promo code AGREEorDIE for some great savings.

I have been looking for some suits lately, but I don’t really know much about them. I have a few jackets, but I never delved into tailored suits. I guess I always thought they are too expensive.

Enter Combatant Gentleman. They claim to deliver high-quality suits for reasonable prices. But do they actually deliver? The answer is yes they do! Not only the suits, but all the other clothing they sell is affordable and excellent.

My unboxing got pretty out of hand, but it ended up being a very educational experience. I even had the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with the CEO of Combatant Gentleman himself! He is a great guy and he really made me a believer. Not only in the product, but in his passion and commitment.

I have been a member of the Dollar Shave Club for two months now and I must say I am very pleased about it so far. The concept here is simple, they send you razor blades in the mail for a super low cost! Check out my unboxing video:

For as little as $1 a month you can be getting razors delivered. But let’s be honest, the only reason that bottom rung is there is to make you feel better about choosing the middle one. No one is scraping their face with a 2-blade razor… That would be barbaric. So pretty much you have 2 options, for $6 and $9 a month.

I know what you are saying: “Is that really cheaper than what I buy?” The answer is yes. I know it’s hard to remember how much razors are because you only buy them like once a quarter. I went to Walmart specifically to check and 10 Gillet razors cost between $25-30 depending on the variety you choose. That means you are paying between $2.5 or $3 per head, while DSC razors are $1.25 per head. It’a a great deal! While ordering you can also tag on a bunch of add-ons like after shave, shaving cream, and moist towelettes for a minor additional charge.

The quality of the razors is good. I wouldn’t call them amazing or outstanding, but I also wouldn’t call them bad. I certainly feel like my 2nd and 3rd shave with these get a bit rough, but I only shave twice a week. You can get a new razor every week so it is a fair trade off.

Honestly guys, there is very little risk. You sign up on a month by month basis, pay $6 once and try them out. If you don’t like them, cancel. I recommend you give it a try. If you do plan on giving it a shot, please use my affiliate link, I would appreciate it:


They sent me some sweet loot for posting a review of them online, that is super cool! I full package of one-wipe Charlies! And then only like two weeks later they sent me even more loot to celebrate prostate cancer awareness.

Dollar Shave Club Loot

charlies, shave butter,
t-shirt, thank you note
Dollar Shave Club Loot

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matches, scented candle