A double whammy, we got bad lifehacks and also some product fails that need to be debunked. I do both in this gripping and satisfying volume.

Another pile of juicy lifehacks, are they any good!? Better watch and find out. I do want to point one out specifcially that I find baffling. Apparently if you eat an apple from the bottom up instead from the side and around you can eat the whole thing as if the core wasn’t there. Not sure if this is some kind of 4th dimension quantum mechanics trick of folding space because I don’t get it. You need to see it to believe it.

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You’ve probably seen these do-it-yourself life tips popping up on the internet all the time on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest and Tumblr. Who is to judge which are worth a try and which aren’t worth your time? Obviosuly me. So sit back and enjoy my analysis.

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