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You’ve probably seen these do-it-yourself life tips popping up on the internet all the time on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest and Tumblr. Who is to judge which are worth a try and which aren’t worth your time? Obviosuly me. So sit back and enjoy my analysis.

Some of thse are very clever, like applying nail polishing to your keys to color-code them. Some are dead-obvious but sometimes you need a reminder, like reuse old containers. Some are just absolutely stupid, like storing pasta in an old Pringles carton? As if something is wrong with what the pasta came in. I suppose if you go to some kind of weird market where they sell dry spaghetti by the handful and don’t offer a bag having a few spare Pringles cans would be helpful. Who even eats Pringles anymore? Here is the original post

Chime in! Let me know which you think are useful or useless. I care.

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