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We all know the appeal, or at least the concession, of a vegetable sandwich. It is as simple as ordering what you always, except without the meat. Sometimes Subway offers avocado to add to the sandwich for the extra … heft? Don’t get me wrong, I have eaten my fair share of veggie sandwiches with Jalapeños and extra mayo from subway but I am going to be honest. A sandwich without meat always leaves me wanting.

subway veggie patty
This is why I am happy to announce that subway has a top-secret veggie patty! At least, sometimes they have it. The first time the worker behind the counter was nice enough to let me know they had one, they actually didn’t have any! But the second time I walked in, like I owned the place, and ordered the veggie patty with authority, I got what I wanted!

I say top-secret because it doesn’t appear anywhere on the menu in the store. You would think right under the Veggie Delight they would have a little asterisk that says “Try our delicious veggie patty.” There is no such asterisk. I spent a fair amount of time trying to find this item on Subway’s online menu, and although I did find it (along with a very impressive variety of vegetarian protein options) on the Indian Subway website it doesn’t seem to appear on the US side. Maybe it is a new item still in testing?

I hope not because the patty was excellent.

The patty is in the shape of a rounded rectangle, and seems to be made specifically for 6″ subway sandwiches. It tastes very much like the Morning Star patty found at Burger King but I can’t be sure if it actually is a Morning Star brand because it seemingly has no documentation. From my personal impression it is a patty made of compressed vegetables rather than a soy compound. There probably are beans involved but it is certainly not a “bean patty.” I am not sure if it is vegan friendly, you could try asking … if the workers even know they have it.

If you have a SubWay near you, ask them if they have veggie patties in stock. The addition of a hot and chewy patty really completes the sandwich experience. Just for fun, take a look at what the 400 Subways in India serve!

subway veggie patty

Vegetarian Shammi

subway veggie patty

Aloo Patty

subway veggie patty

Paneer Tikka

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  1. Justin
    Justin says:

    Thanks for these articles. They are entertaining and informative. I have recently become a vegetarian and you are swell. Thanks be to you.

    (Read in a monotone voice)


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