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A co-worker informed me, when I revealed my new vegetarian lifestyle, that Burger King has an often-forgotten veggie patty on the menu. I was always more of a McDonalds, but i had to check it out.

It is clear that the Burger King staff is not used to selling these things, at least in the Minnesota BK I patronized. My request was met with some confusion, and the employee needed help locating the correct button. I guess it figures… How many vegetarians are going to Burger King?

The confusion continues…

I was initially under the impression that I can simply substitute a veggie patty in ANY burger. Although that is possible, that is not the workflow Burger King seems to have intended. It turns out they have an official “Veggie Burger” and an associated value meal in the system, but not on the menu. I attempted to order a veggie Whopper and they clumsily tried to corral me into ordering the Veggie Burger instead.

For research I did order the veggie burger, and also a Whopper with a veggie patty. I am actually not sure what the difference is aside from the bun. The veggie burger came on some kind of strange bun without any sesame seeds on it. Otherwise the burgers seemed identical, although I might be forgetting something.

When it comes to burgers, I am far from a minimalist. You won’t see me having a burger with nothing but a slice of cheese. I am obsessed with garnishes, condiments, vegetables, and whatever else goes on it. Pile it high! I want my burger to be an experience. Because of this mentality the actual “meat” of the burger ends up being only a small portion of the flavor. The most important element is the texture. Meat has that heavy, hearty texture that gives the burger body. The Morning Star patty delivers.

Yes I said Morning Star patty. Most vegetarians will already be familiar with this popular brand, and the flavor of the patties. The patty is bean-based and has other diced vegetables in the mix. Unfortunately there are dairy products in the mix as well so they are not vegan friendly. At least the BK patty, I am not sure if the Morning Star brand offers a vegan patty.

I have always been a big fan, and advocate, of veggie burgers even when I was a meat eater. When I worked at Green Mill I ate them often to avoid all the fat of real beef and I didn’t mind at all. The same thing is happening at Burger King! The this patty is flavorful and filling. The other ingredients of the burger shine in their own usual way, and the fries, of course, are unchanged. It turns out that I can still get the fast-food burger experience even as a vegetarians thanks to Burger King.

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  1. Adam
    Adam says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian for over three years to be quite honest with you I’m not a vegan although somehow people miss that part Morningstar whether or not they have dairy in them really depends on the product but I think the ones that use the veggie burgers at Burger King are vegan so if you ask for it without cheese or mayonnaise then you should be fine if you’re a vegan. But again I’m not be going so I quite like having my veggie burgers with cheese and mayonnaise and ranch dressing. When I go to Burger King to get a veggie burger is not really a big deal because they know that’s probably what I’m going to eat there. As for getting a veggie Whopper it is possible but you just have to know how to do it

  2. Carly B.
    Carly B. says:

    I too love the veggie burger from B.K. & has been my favorite since first came out. Other fast food places don’t have much to eat besides fries & salad which “I get tired of”. Morning Star is the best brand of veggie burger there is (in my opinion) & is the only brand I buy, many flavors & very tasty. A+ for Burger King! 🙂


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