I have already seen this stupid advertisement going around every social channel. Apparently Samsung is going to run this as an ad campaign? I really hope that isn’t true because it is pretty much false advertising. After they get through the hardware specs they begin listing OS specific features without doing the same for the iPhone.

“Tilt to Zoom” for example is one of the “features” the Samsung has. I am not sure what the hell tilt to zoom means aside from some strange method of photo manipulation, although it sure as fuck doesn’t sound intuitive. I guess iPhone has no answer to this? What about pinch to zoom? Then they just list a ton of buzz words like Smart Stay, S-Beam, Share-Shot, Direct Call but doesn’t list any iPhone buzz terms like Airplay, FaceTime, Newstand and whatever else.

I hope everyone who sees this ad is smart enough to see how dishonest it is. Also, it’s probably a really big mistake to have a picture of an iPhone on the ad…

Alex Krasny rant on servers making mistakes

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Whitney Houston gets more attention than US troops in Iraq

This is a guest post by my long-time friend Yury Suponitsky. He drops a logic bomb on people who are complaining that Whitney Houston’s death is getting more media coverage than fallen soldiers in Iraq. ~Alex

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How Pineda Tacos made sure I never go back

How Pineda Tacos made sure I never go backMe and the boys often go out to lunch together. Pretty regularly we would go to this awesome little burrito shop called Pineda Tacos. They have these huge burritos, with awesome meats and low prices. I love getting the huge burrito and eating it twice. However due to awful customer service, I will never go back.

  • Crabby, non-accomidating cashier
  • Stealth-charges for bottled water
  • Refuses to give a water cup
  • Can’t pay with same card twice?

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What is up with people still not having a Facebook account? A privacy issue? Just don’t post anything you want private, its JUST THAT EASY. Do you want to be “that guy” who doesn’t have a Facebook account? Just fucking get with it already.

It isn’t that hard to responsibly manage a Facebook account without getting fired from your job, arrested, getting your identity stolen or downloading a million viruses. If you don’t know how to do that, then kill yourself. You probably don’t even realize how big of an inconvenience you are being to your friends.

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After downloading the Indie Gala Bundle I was forced to re-experience Steam, and quickly remembered why I hate it so much from many years ago. It opens old wounds, and creates new wounds. I hate this motherfucker service with all my heart. Why?

  • It opens each time I launch a Steam game
  • Long-as-fuck startup time
  • It installs itself into startup items
  • Awful interface
  • Cheats users out of money

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Seriously… just watch it. I don’t even want to type a description. Bottom line is, I hate the fucking government and I will ALWAYS, for the rest of my fucking life, vote NO on everything the government ever puts in front of me.

  • NO to all bills
  • NO to all laws
  • NO to all assessments
  • NO to all taxes
  • Stay out of my FUCKING LIFE

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How not to order a pizza

How not to order a pizza Everyone who has ever ordered a Pizza on a phone better get a notebook out. I am about to drop a knowledge bomb on the etiquette of ordering. Get a pen out and prepare yourself, I have some tips:

  • Provide your FULL address
  • Have your fucking credit card ready
  • Every pizza place ON THE PLANET has pepperoni
  • Prepare your order before you call

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