Fresh dandelions / still free of persecution / smile up at the sun

fresh dandelions
still free of persecution
smile up at the sun

A Monday each week
dress like a professional
feel like a zombie

Udon noodle soup
the look and smell compels me
to burn my tastebuds

Few people notice
The lobster aquarium
soon boiled alive
cup of tea on desk

An afternoon tea
for the seventh time time this week
waiting for Friday
wedding ring

Symbol of union
convenient distraction
during long meetings
Red light therapy

each day around three
my thoughts always Emily
wishing this photo

play video games
the same as I remember
except the brandy

Pauline is missing
nefarious kidnapper
rapist gorilla

Donkey Kong Jr
attempts to save his father
Mario’s revenge

ramen noodle lunch
fear sodium overdose?
add vegetables

of all controllers
this one is her favorite
Mario Party

perfect controller
experience childhood games
without discomfort

one against many
sepia keeps things simple
shoot everything dark

pair of battleships
shell the sky relentlessly
laser beams answer

arrival of blimp
my bullets feel meaningless
fire to my death

a true pilots skill
measured not by his aiming
but by his stalling

rain of steel debris
dozens of murdered pilots
my compassion — low

Hunting in the grass
cute until I realize
it’s a bumble bee

Unmanned forgotten
ponder what misfortune fell
sign so promising

Rush to get ready
at least one think us certain
perfect pedicure

Three bachelors enter
one transforms into husband
she’s a lucky girl

Six years together
prove compatibility
finally married
nice latte from dogwood coffee

Fifty cents per ounce
this early in the morning
I indulge myself
Quasi after killing a stuffed pig

his favorite pig
accidentally murdered
a crime of passion
making of a smore

S’mores around a fire
artificial nature
the way I like it
My pretty wife to be: Emily

i’m more fortunate
every passing moment
soon to be married
review of a promotional pen

Cheap promotion pen
anticipated garbage—
pleasantly surprised
peppers in four different colors

The grocery store
treasures from around the world
dollar ninety nine
50 knit ties from combat gent

knit tie paradise
gold is treasure for most men
I prefer neckties