Jimmy Kimmel did a bit where he gave people on the street an iPhone 4, told them it was an iPhone 5, and asked them what they thought. If you can’t already guess, they thought it was stronger, better, lighter, thinner, bigger, heavier and a whole bunch of other things. They looked pretty stupid. Especially the guy who pulled his iPhone 4 out of his pocket and explained the differences between the two.

Many Apple haters around the internet rejoice. Touting this bit as proof that Apple fans are stupid and mindless and do whatever Apple says. I wish those same people could take one fucking second to think logically and not make stupid generalizations. The bit was made using the magic of editing! Just because some people on the street are stupid doesn’t mean all people on the street are stupid. But everyone who thinks so certainly is!

The most interesting element of this bit is, every claim made by the “stupid” people on the street about the fake iPhone 5 ended up coming true with the phones release! Well except for the one guy who thought it felt heavier… he was totally out of line. But the phone ended up meeting all expectations: thinners, faster, stronger, brighter. Apple wins again.

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