I gave 50 Shades of Grey a good attempt, and unfortunately for me, I wasted a solid 6 hours of my life. I went into this with a positive attitude too, I wasn’t even expecting to hate it. I expected to like it! What is not to like? In the hands of any other author this story is rock solid. Well, this book sure isn’t. It’s absolutely awful. So awful actually that I didn’t even finish “reading” the audio book. It’s an audio erotica novel, I couldn’t even finish it, that is how horrible it is!

You want to know exactly when it hit me? Christian says to Anne that she is the smartest and wittiest women he has ever been with. I already knew Anne wasn’t smart or witty. But it occurred to me that we, the audience, have been with Christian literarily every single conversation he has ever had with Anne. None of which had Anne being witty or smart. We know WITHOUT A DOUBT that Christian is either 100% lying or an absolutely stupid and unbelievable character.

He wasn’t lying.

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