pink on pink action
my favorite combination
until food is spilled

past Quasi’s bedtime
afraid of missing something
dozes off and on

tea mug among friends–
the beverages discuss
my untidiness
once every hour
twenty-six knuckles crack
all of them are mine

impulse candy rack
everything is organic
must be at the Wedge
the mug collection / washing time cannot be spared / much too important #haiku

the mug collection
washing time cannot be spared
much too important
Alex wearing a winter jacket at the office.

sixty-five degrees
my heavy winter jacket—
business casual
Arthur from the SNES game Super Ghouls and Ghosts in his underwear on a raft.

super ghouls and ghosts?
Arthur proves his manliness
pink heart underpants
A street sign and light post in a blizzard in Eagan Minnesota November 2011

driveway shoveling
feels like it’s been forever
it has just begun
Plate of food: turkey, stuffing, gravy and veggies.

mock turkey dinner
stuffing and gravy highlights
fresh squeezed orange juice
six ounce glass ruins my meal
four fucking dollars

a cup of tea with a few USB drives and a post notpad carefully arranged around it to accompany a haiku

my forgotten watch
I mark the passage of time
through tea’s temperature

Two guys in blue shirts playing ping pong at the office to accompany a haiku

office ping pong games
shot to productivity
bonus to morale

virtual landfills
submit links and articles
where no human treads

submit articles
infinity orifice
feed the index bots

a research paper
just to earn a single link—
water from a stone

Messy Desk

morning, a clean desk
eight hours slowly pass by
afternoon—a mess

I’m Chester Bloomfield

(Completely Fictitious Green Energy Expert)

Trap escaping heat!
your tips are all insightful—
but you forgot this…

meaningful comment
it’s meaninglessness ironic
unrelated link

to brighten monday
the color pink stimulates
a necktie fetish


“affiliate schemes”
suspicious category
click on submit link

directory list
five hundred open tabs
Firefox doesn’t crash