Another Snow

cup of coffee at green mill

One Green Mill coffee
if I was a connoisseur
would I call it bad?

black cat standing on white snow

Open door escape
how quickly his mind changes
Black cat in white snow

-17 degrees

Several mild winters
inhospitable weather
forgotten till now
cup of tea with strawberry jelly in it

Benefits of cold
work from home encouraged
superior tea
bike covered in snow attached to a pole

without a back wheel
this abandoned bicycle
suffers the winter
Pink shirt blue tie

the morning routine
more lengthy every year—
adjusting my tie
Cup of tea

delayed by traffic
first on the agenda
the morning tea time
Alex wearing a winter jacket at the office.

sixty-five degrees
my heavy winter jacket—
business casual
Arthur from the SNES game Super Ghouls and Ghosts in his underwear on a raft.

super ghouls and ghosts?
Arthur proves his manliness
pink heart underpants
A street sign and light post in a blizzard in Eagan Minnesota November 2011

driveway shoveling
feels like it’s been forever
it has just begun
Plate of food: turkey, stuffing, gravy and veggies.

mock turkey dinner
stuffing and gravy highlights
fresh squeezed orange juice
six ounce glass ruins my meal
four fucking dollars
Flash Freeze

a glimpse of springtime
trees enjoy sunbathing
smothered by snowstorm

shovel the driveway
the chore almost forgotten
—a harsh reminder