Onassis necktie knot

Not a knot at all
the Onassis mystery
very few notice
Square bowl of trail mix

The bowl of trail mix
refilled mysteriously
my visits frequent
Black and white chess board

Battle of the minds
one game stretches many days
sheer incompetence
a child's birthday party preperation

breakfast favorite
the office nearly empty
only my crunching
a child's birthday party preperation

focus on our lunch venue
typical Friday
Me wearing a funny white fuzzy yeti hat

fuzzy yeti hat
i would wear it constantly
my head overheats
white trinity knot tied over a white and grey pattern shirt

sitting in traffic
my tie matches the weather
white, complicated
a variety of beer cans and beer bottles

work provides free beer
I’m half Jewish but hate beer
conflict of interest

instagram colored
my project nears completion
need an orange shirt

Current lunch menu
resist the urge to eat out
I “could” be convinced

after the workday
Emily and alcohol
eagerly waiting

her fresh pedicure
hidden beneath boots and socks
for my eyes only
Ediety or Merovingian necktie knot

The time has arrived
after investing in vests
the Ediety knot
Coworker getting coffee out of a terrible coffee machine, the coffee sucks

Terrible coffee
like it isn’t bad enough
this percolator
A stylish tea mug with a seahorse on it

steaming cup of tea
waits for my return from lunch
but the steam does not
stack of empty plates at a sushi buffet

stack of empty plates
display happy memories
sushi consumption
James is making notes on a white board while the rest of the marketing team watches

one-hour meeting
unexpectedly James joins
three-hour meeting
three salted, peanut butter filled pretzels on table

Pretzels and myself
both full of peanut butter
lack of self-control
pruple tie on a pink pattern shirt

baked potato soup
pink and purple subtlety
a successful lunch
cape knot on paisly pink and yellow tie

an influx of ties
spurs my creativity
ties by Barcelli
Settlers of Catan game with three cities featured

bitter rivalry
three families of Catan
and blue the slumlord
circular tie rack with 20 colorful ties hung on it

paint on a canvas
each shirt begging for color
this is my palette
tan shirt with red/orange/black striped tie tied in a cape knot

holiday season
spoiled by many short weeks
we return to work
Red trinity tie knot on a white shirt

My resolution?
Internet celebrity
tie knot inventor
Apple Macbook Pro displaying an episode of gamecenter CX with a cup of tea next to it.

No one is awake
except the Chief Arino
I prepare some tea
Close up of a white and blue striped tie on a blue shirt, Pratt knot.

holiday season
three short weeks in succession
teaches bad habits
Emily holding a baby happy as can be.

her love for babies
spreads like an infection
I still prefer dogs
A bunch of haikubes (toy) spelling out this haiku

ravenous dreaming
spiral slowly as I realize
logical whispers