So I got my PS4 and the first impressions were not great. Not that I am thinking that Xbox One is any better… I really just think consoles are trash now, and big developers are just making fat stacks exploiting us pathetic customers. Thankfully I purchased my PS4 second hand, so at least I can take solace in the fact that Sony didn’t make that money…

Something I didn’t mention in the video, because I didn’t realize it until some weeks later. There is a feature called “Players Met” which also existed on Xbox360. It is a list of the recent players you played with online, you can send them messages and even friend them. Well this feature on PS4 just DOESN’T FUCKING WORK. So it’s pretty much impossible to meet people on PS4 thanks to this… What am I supposed to do? Keep a fucking notebook next to me so I can jot down “PoleSmoker420Blazit” and send this player a “good game” later? What a joke.

Also why the hell does the feature still exist if it doesn’t work? I mean the system has been out for over 2 fucking years they haven’t fixed it yet? They don’t even have the self respect to REMOVE IT so people like me don’t rage about it two years later?

You are so pathetic Sony.

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