• Caveman Games - 0/1

    I had high hopes for this because of the unique idea. Unfortunately it suffers from some of the worst controls I have ever come across in a video game. I would say it’s pretty much unplayable unless you commit considerable time to getting “the feel” down … But even after that, will it ever be fun?

  • Challenge of Dragon - 1/1

    Never seen this game before but it is actually pretty cool. The whole game feels like it is on very slippery ice, but other than that the controls are decent. You character has a sword, and jump kicks like a boss. Hitting enemies feels good. Like I said, it’s NOTHING compared to Castlevania, but it’s not horrible.

  • Championship Bowling - 1/1

    It’s bowling.

  • Champtionship Pool - 0/1

    It’s worse pool than the last bad pool game.

  • Cheetahmen II - 0/1

    How did someone make this pile of trash and feel good about it? The controls and graphics aren’t even an improvement over the first Cheetahmen when it took up 1/52nd of a cart. This is what they do with an entire cart? The music is good, I’ll give them that.