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I am so excited about this new neckwear option. The only thing keeping me from wearing these ties MUCH more often is my shortage of vests! I have set it before, and i’ll say it again:

I have a vested interest in investing in vests.

While you are checking out my videos keep in mind that if you use the promo code AGREEorDIE you can save 33% on any of your Sterling Scott purchases!

Please check out my unboxing and review of the Sterling Scott collection.

Some key takeaways:

  • Small productions runs
  • Production numbers proves authenticity
  • Double sides ties
  • variety of fabrics and designs
  • unique malleable look

These tie’s unique sticking and fabric offer a unique opportunity for knotting. The patented Scott knot showcases this versatility as demonstrated in my next video specifically about the knot.

Check out the Sterling-Scott website right now and check out the variety of ties available! Make sure to use promo code AGREEorDIE for some great savings.

Onassis necktie knot

Not a knot at all
the Onassis mystery
very few notice
Square bowl of trail mix

The bowl of trail mix
refilled mysteriously
my visits frequent
Black and white chess board

Battle of the minds
one game stretches many days
sheer incompetence
Ediety or Merovingian necktie knot

The time has arrived
after investing in vests
the Ediety knot
Coworker getting coffee out of a terrible coffee machine, the coffee sucks

Terrible coffee
like it isn’t bad enough
this percolator
A stylish tea mug with a seahorse on it

steaming cup of tea
waits for my return from lunch
but the steam does not
stack of empty plates at a sushi buffet

stack of empty plates
display happy memories
sushi consumption