Ninety degree day / I shiver in a sweater / air conditioning

ninety degree day
I shiver in a sweater
air conditioning

Nature's color scheme / why doesn't it get dated / like office decor

nature’s color scheme
why doesn’t it get dated
like office decor?
a white bird and black bird sit on a corner of a rooftop looking away from each other

White bird and black bird
share a frosty rooftop
not on speaking terms
club sandwich at the republic

Risky club sandwich
crispy toast injures my mouth
no pain no gain bitch
the ruby engagment ring on my fiancee's finger

the weight is lifted
so heavy in my pocket
weightless on her hand

I often see this single black bird on the building across the street. Today the black bird was joined by a white bird, they didn’t seem too friendly. I tried to take a photo of this majestic scene with my iphone … but it couldn’t do the job. One of my colleagues had a beasty camera and snapped this masterpiece. I have converted into a 2560×1440 wallpaper. Enjoy.

two birds on a rooftop wallpaper