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I just got back from my 4-Day Vegas business trip and Yury passed the bar! So we have plenty to talk about.

  • PubCon 2014
  • Las Vegas
  • The definition of insanity
  • Digital versus physical copies of games, movies, books
  • Flavors in food
  • Book to movie adaptations
AGREE or DIE podcast with Alex and Yury

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Another podcast a bit long. Sorry about that we just have TOO MUCH to talk about! Before I even get into topics I want to make sure I alert everyone that next saturday Sept 27th, 11pm we are all going to get together and watch The Room and have a great time. Please RSVP to the Facebook invite, you don’t need to bring anything. I will stream the movie and we can all chat and have a great time!

In this week’s episode we talk about:

  • Football players abusing wives and kids
  • Double movies with same subject matter
  • How/why do terrible video games get made?
  • Is Humble Bundle devaluing indie video games?
  • Sounding rods…
  • Microsoft purchases Mojang for 2.5 billion dollars
  • Wedding best practices
  • Fashion rules WORTH BREAKING

Links of Interest:
Adrian Peterson abusing his child
Ray Rice abusing is wife
Microsoft Purchase Mojang
Fashion Rules to Break

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cuddling with Quasi / he couldn't be happier / watching torture-porn

cuddling with Quasi
he couldn’t be happier
watching torture-porn