My computer thinks the word cunt is a typo. This is one of those rare cases in which I know my computer is wrong and I am right. Cunt is indeed a word.

I right clicked on the word and clicked on the “learn spelling” command. SUDDENLY I froze! My fingers firmly holding the mouse button down. The “Learn” button light up blue just waiting for me to let it go and commit the command. Just then, like my life flashing before my eyes (but in reverse), I saw my future. There might come a time when I intend to type the word count, or cut, or maybe even cute and somehow end up typing cunt. If my computer does not underline this word as a typo, and if this document happens to be important, or somehow sensitive, the trouble this typo will cause me will probably be worse than the trouble of knowing cunt is spelled correctly, even though it is underlined in red. And so, I took the pointer off the “learn spelling” button. Now my computer thinks I have spelled the same word wrong five times, and I am willing to live with that.