I have been considering getting one of these babies for probably about two years but I was always too scared. My main concern was if I could perform with this stick as well as I can with a controller. After all I have twenty years of practice playing with a controller. Well it was my birthday and I got it for myself! The verdict? A resounding 1/1. I have never felt better playing the arcade games of my childhood. Yes it will take me a long time to reach the same skill level I have with a controller but I will get there. The nostalgia is too strong.


There are some hardcore gamers who will ask questions like “What kind of stick technology does it use?” That conversation is way over my head. You can read all about that on I can say this uses a US stick which is a “Happ” model characterized by a long pear-shaped stick and convex buttons. Some people prefer the asian-influenced round-knob sticks and concave buttons. I grew up with US arcade games and this makes me feel the most nostalgic.

The product itself feels amazingly solid. If I dropped this on the ground I would only be moderately concerned that I broke it. It weighs about 5 lb and sits on a desk very firmly. The stick is firm and springs back to centers nicely and the buttons make excellent clicking sounds. There are 8 face buttons, 2 side pinball buttons, a power button and a start button. My model shipped with a USB adapter but they do not ALL SHIP WITH THAT! Make sure you know what adapters you are getting, they cost extra.


In my video you can see me test the stick on a variety of MAME-emulated games. The joystick is 100% plug and play on OSX. The system simply treats it as a USB keyboard. You go to map your buttons and the joystick inputs some random keys and the game is ready to rock. Of course it works great on Windows and a variety of consoles as well. If you are considering getting an arcade stick, I think this is an excellent bet.