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Sorry we went long again! After this cast we did our livewatch of The Room and had a great time. Please consider making time for the livewatch next time, it is a blast.

Topics Covered:

  • iPhone 6 review
  • iOS 8 review
  • Bendgate
  • Apple Wave
  • Vegetarians and hypocrisy
  • Favorite cocktails
  • Teslas are the best?
  • Batteries generic vs name-brand
  • School Lunches

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Letterpress word game / I love the majority / obvious reasons

Letterpress word game
I lose the majority
obvious reasons
Mega Mall Story guide featuring shop combos, store synergy, and floor compatibility.

Epic mega mall story guide including all combos, floor compatibility, synergy, game combos and gameplay tips.Building an epic mega mall in this mobile classic? Need some help? I present a visual guide to Mega Mall Story including:

  • All combos
  • Floor compatibility
  • Combo synergy
  • Chain Combos
  • Gameplay tips

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