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I am so excited about this new neckwear option. The only thing keeping me from wearing these ties MUCH more often is my shortage of vests! I have set it before, and i’ll say it again:

I have a vested interest in investing in vests.

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Please check out my unboxing and review of the Sterling Scott collection.

Some key takeaways:

  • Small productions runs
  • Production numbers proves authenticity
  • Double sides ties
  • variety of fabrics and designs
  • unique malleable look

These tie’s unique sticking and fabric offer a unique opportunity for knotting. The patented Scott knot showcases this versatility as demonstrated in my next video specifically about the knot.

Check out the Sterling-Scott website right now and check out the variety of ties available! Make sure to use promo code AGREEorDIE for some great savings.

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Whitney Houston vs Fallen Soldiers

My software created a strange audio issue that you may have noticed around the 55-57 min mark on my videos. I cut that section out in this video and replaced it with my self paraphrasing what I said. I am working with support on a fix for this.

Investing in Vests

I have a vested interest in investing in vests.

~Alex Krasny