Dungeon Master to is a fantastic old game that I am very fond of. One of the most enjoyable and memorable aspects of this game was figuring out the magic system on my own. Unfortunately the gaming world and the mentality of gamers (even my own) has changed since those days. What would have been a fun mystery to discover when DM2 was first released would now be considered bad usability. This is a real shame because the feeling of learning something on your own made you feel like you are outsmarting the game. A feeling rarely replicated in a world where everything needs to be spelled out.

In order to increase this excellent game’s appeal among new gamers I have done all of the leg work and created a Dungeon Master 2 spell list, or quick reference guide. So recruits your company of wizards and enjoy immense power right from the start of the game! Want to shoot fireballs but can’t be bothered to figure out how? Don’t even worry about it just check out my guide! If you want to try out this amazing and FREE game please consult my retro gaming guide.

dungeon master 2 spells reference guide book