• Color a Dinosaur - 1/1

    It’s difficult to call this a game, but it’s also hard to give it a bad score. The game certainly delivers exactly what it promises. You get to color a dinosaur, and the interface is about as good as Nintendo will allow.

  • Commando - 1/1

    Very disappointing 2-player mode. Who even came up with this whole “taking turns” idea when a game obviously begs for cooperative play? other than that I don’t have many complaints. it’s a solid top-down shooter, very … “Contra” but a little different.

  • Conan - 0/1

    What a disappointment! I come looking for a badass action fantasy and instead I get a half-assed Prince of Persia clone. Down makes you jump. What more do I need to say? Ok, i’ll add some more just for fun. The gameplay is trash, the graphics are bad and the hero is meek.

  • Conflict - 0/1

    I am generally fond of turn based strategy games. I mean, I love Chess, Civilization, Final Fantasy Tactics… The problem is the interface. If it’s bad, the whole game is bad. I don’t doubt that Conflict has deep strategic gameplay, but I can’t imagine sitting through enough of this game to find it.

  • Conquest of the Crystal Palace - 1/1

    How badly did this game wish it was called Conquest of the Crystal CASTLE? Why would you blow a chance for such magnificent alliteration? That one mistake aside, I loved this game! It played like a very capable action platformer and it foreshadowed a money/store system. I enjoyed it so much I even went back and played it a little more after the video.