long weekend return
unidentified film floats
no turning back now

what is bad in soup?
a vegetable hot tub
hot sauce overdose
AGREE or DIE podcast with Alex and Yury

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I am happy to say we put out episode 2 right on time just like we wanted! Thanks to everyone who subscribed and thanks to everyone to left us great feedback. We look forward to improving everything about our process so keep the feedback coming, we are listening. I put up some blankets around the room which should improve the audio quality, so let’s cross our fingers for that. In this session we cover the following topics:

  • McDonalds Hot Coffee Lawsuit
  • Circumcision
  • Michael Bay
  • Strip Poker
  • Tucking Your Shirt

nice latte from dogwood coffee

Fifty cents per ounce
this early in the morning
I indulge myself
Quasi after killing a stuffed pig

his favorite pig
accidentally murdered
a crime of passion
making of a smore

S’mores around a fire
artificial nature
the way I like it
My pretty wife to be: Emily

i’m more fortunate
every passing moment
soon to be married
Another Snow

cup of coffee at green mill

One Green Mill coffee
if I was a connoisseur
would I call it bad?

black cat standing on white snow

Open door escape
how quickly his mind changes
Black cat in white snow

Uptown machiato with very cute foam swirl

expertly crafted
prestigious uptown coffee
bitter as ever
headache on my mind
I administer coffee
cup of coffee on a messy desk

Headphones blast techno
the crunchy granola bar
a cacophony
Alex Krasny comic
Alex Krasny comic
Ediety or Merovingian necktie knot

The time has arrived
after investing in vests
the Ediety knot
Coworker getting coffee out of a terrible coffee machine, the coffee sucks

Terrible coffee
like it isn’t bad enough
this percolator
A stylish tea mug with a seahorse on it

steaming cup of tea
waits for my return from lunch
but the steam does not
stack of empty plates at a sushi buffet

stack of empty plates
display happy memories
sushi consumption