• Cliffhanger - 0/1

    love this movie! I pretty much love any Stallone movie, let’s be honest. I even had high hopes for this game. But in the typical style of movie-licensed games, this is a huge let down. The controls are SO BAD and slow. Imagine the leggiest game you have ever played online, with a full on 1-second delay to all of your inputs. That is how good this game controls. The nasty graphics don’t help.

  • Clu Clu Land - 1/1

    This game sure does smell like an arcade port, but I was wrong. This game is NOT actually an arcade game, just a Nintendo game. It draws plenty of inspiration for Pacman. The main difference being, they took the excellent and responsive controls from Pacman and replaced them with really complex and unintuitive controls instead. If you get used to them, this game is actually pretty decent.

  • Cobra Command - 0/1

    I have one question, why is the sky green? It is symbolic of the toll this war is taking on the landscape? The sky is green with sickness watching all of the pain and devastation. Not a bad narrative device. Problem is the game isn’t any fun.

  • Cobra Triangle - 1/1

    One of the stranger games I have ever played. You play as some kind of war boat with a propeller on it. Each level has totally different goals. Sometimes you are participating in a race with other boats, other times you are fighting a dragon. The game is full of surprises and he decent controls.

  • Code Name Viper - 1/1

    This game reminds me very much of the arcade game Rolling Thunder. It is a side-scrolling shooter similar to contra, but much more tactical. You are very limited in ammo, and need to take care not to waste bullets. The levels are build with two elevations, ground level and balconies and you jump up can jump up or down at will. I really enjoyed this game and I am sorry I never heard of it in my childhood.