• Crash n the Boys Street Challenge - 1/1

    It looks like a compilation of sports games with little violence built in. We only played one out of a bunch of games. The controls seemed complex to say the least, but I think that probably gives this game some solid depth. I love River City Ransom and I love Super Dodge Ball so this game pretty much has to be awesome. If you can pick this up I think you should.

  • Crisis Force - 1/1

    I was shocked to see that this top down shooter supports simultaneous co-op play! On top of that, the game had awesome gameplay. You could change the configuration of your ship at any time which effected how it shoots, there are tons of power-ups, great graphics and some kind of super phoenix mode. If you like co-op games I highly recommend this one. I guess it was never released in the US… BUT WHY!?

  • Crystal Mines - 0/1

    This reminds me a lot of Boulder Dash. You navigate a grid-based mine full of dirt and evil wookies looking for crystals. Once you have all the crystals a door opens and you go to the next level. There is a 2-player mode, but it is alternating which pretty much means there is no 2-player mode in my opinion. Oh yeah, it isn’t any fun.

  • Crystalis - 1/1

    The best way I can describe this is by calling it a Zelda clone. Not to say that is a bad thing, Zelda is a great game, and there is plenty of design space in the top-down action adventure genre. Crystalis seems like a pretty great game itself, the graphics, sounds and controls are good. Obviously five minutes are not sufficient to explore a game like this but I can see the potential.

  • Cyber Stadium Series Base Wars - 1/1

    Wow after all of my disdain for sports games, I find this absolute treasure. It reminds me a lot of NFL Blitz but baseball, and with robots! Pitching and batting is fun, and anytime you would get tagged by a baseball you battle to the death (destruction). I would play this again for sure. Love it.