I was listening to the radio, enjoying myself relaxing when they host began listing “fun things to think about.” My relaxation was destroyed as I found myself screaming back at the radio about how stupid these fun facts were. I have heard all of them before, and they always get me really pissed off. I would like to lay them to rest right here and now.

If the “black box” is nearly indestructible and always survives the plane crash why don’t they build the whole plane out of the black box?

Well first there is the probably easy answer. The black box is probably just 5 inch thick steel, or some crazy super strong alloy. It would either be too expensive to make a plane out of it, or too heavy for the plane to fly efficiently. Secondly, just because the black box is “indestructible” doesn’t mean that soft human bodies would survive if it dropped from 38,000 feet. Just because a fucking electronic recorder can make it out alive doesn’t mean 200 passengers will. The black box isn’t some kind of mystery that defies all laws. Falling from the sky is falling from the sky no matter what color box you are in. Don’t ever ask this question again.

Why don’t psychics ever win the lottery?

This one is less serious because I assume we all know the answer. Because they are fake and can’t actually know the future. However this got me thinking … Every psychic in the WORLD should constantly be trying to win the lottery because the one day one of them does… Well, he will be the most successful psychic in the world. Think about it! He just won himself the lottery! If I won the lottery I would probably start a psychic network just to capitalize.

If 4-5pm is the slowest time to drive, why do they call it rush hour?

Man this one really pissed me off. Here is why: because that is when everyone is “rushing” to get home from work!? You get it? They are RUSHING home, but because EVERYONE is rushing they slow traffic down. What is there to get?

Why do kamikaze pilots where helmets?

“Derrrrrrrrr I mean they are JUST going to suicide anyway why would they protect their head?” Well I don’t know … maybe they don’t know for a fact it’s going to be suicide? Maybe because they don’t want to get killed BEFORE suiciding? Or maybe it’s because the helmet is full of equipment and audio devices? Or maybe it’s just tradition and habit? Probably lots of reasons.

Why do they sterilize lethal injection needles?

How do you know they do? I bet probably they get a new needle from a package every time. I don’t know for sure, but either do you, and either does the fucking asshole that posed this question in the first place.

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