What idea are they going for? Maybe I am the one that missed the boat but does anyone actually take “bag decomposition” into consideration when buying chips? When buying any food product? When did this become a selling point? Answer: it NEVER DID.

What kind of a person throws the bag on the ground anyway? Not the kind of person who cares about how fast a plastic bag decomposes. Those people would never throw a bag on the ground. Those “super green people” are probably too busy being vegan to even eat chips. It must be for the degenerate kids who throw fast food bags out of the window of their cars while flirting with disaster speeding. After all at least now they can have all the fun of littering with none of the negative consequences.

“Dude Joe, don’t throw that bag out the window, a turtle could get stuck in it and die.”
“Don’t worry brah, Sunchip bags are built to decompose quickly and naturally. The turtles will be safe. Now finish your beer, we have some vandalism to do.”

What’s the matter? Can’t advertise superior flavor? Can’t advertise loud crunch? Can’t advertise low price-point? Well… Maybe it’s about time this product HIT THE BRICKS.


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