Not many witty retorts from the DeviantArt community this time around. Maybe I am making a difference and instead of defending their obviously terrible artwork this group is instead looking inward. Growing as artists? I can only hope. Either way I can’t have my hard work going to waste so please enjoy.

This is a special edition of Deviantart of trolling because in this case my trolling “worked” in helping this artist realize that he actually CAN do better. Not only did he realize he could do better, but he actually did it. Despite my harsh criticism, instead of crying like a baby, and calling me names, and giving excuses for why his art turned out the way it did, he actually fixed it. Here is how it went.

It is pretty hard to see that there is something wrong with the V-ICA in this screenshot, but I assure you in full screen there is something wrong with the edges. Anyway I made up an example real quick.

And a few days later I got a reply for JordanDavis:

Deviantart has really had an infestation of “Hope for Japan” images. The whole concept is stupid but they aren’t actually all low quality so I can’t be too aggressive. It is very stupid though… Don’t get me wrong, I too am sorry for Japan but these ugly things aren’t helping. Anyway let’s enjoy some horrible art!