Typical Deviant Art trash. Not sure where they find the balls to be defensive about such horrible wastes of time. WE ALL KNOW THESE TOOK NO EFFORT. Well except that civil war piece. That actually probably took some effort, but it’s the effort was going in the wrong direction.

It’s hard for me to explain why, but I hate “Windows” and “Mac” wallpapers just a barely less than DeviantArt Murotrash. Apple and Microsoft already make wallpapers for the systems, and they are nearly always superior to the trash everyone makes. Rightly so, I am sure the pay people to make good ones. So why would I, or anyone, ever use some fan made trash? Also in this episode, a “hacker” masturbates!

I think I really did a good job on Deviantart. I never actually stopped trolling. It just started getting very difficult to find terrible shit. I guess the “regulars” that posted it decided to stop after I started making them realize they are bad artists. I can only hope that is the case. Regardless, after months of tireless searching, I finally have enough content for another solid troll.

Not many witty retorts from the DeviantArt community this time around. Maybe I am making a difference and instead of defending their obviously terrible artwork this group is instead looking inward. Growing as artists? I can only hope. Either way I can’t have my hard work going to waste so please enjoy.

This is a special edition of Deviantart of trolling because in this case my trolling “worked” in helping this artist realize that he actually CAN do better. Not only did he realize he could do better, but he actually did it. Despite my harsh criticism, instead of crying like a baby, and calling me names, and giving excuses for why his art turned out the way it did, he actually fixed it. Here is how it went.

It is pretty hard to see that there is something wrong with the V-ICA in this screenshot, but I assure you in full screen there is something wrong with the edges. Anyway I made up an example real quick.

And a few days later I got a reply for JordanDavis:

Deviantart has really had an infestation of “Hope for Japan” images. The whole concept is stupid but they aren’t actually all low quality so I can’t be too aggressive. It is very stupid though… Don’t get me wrong, I too am sorry for Japan but these ugly things aren’t helping. Anyway let’s enjoy some horrible art!

Deviantart is the playground of many special people. I especially like the “Have you ever heard of abstract art?” comment.

A nice haul this week. I noticed a convenient pattern of people not getting it. I guess I am laying the sarcasm on too thick. I should know that people dumb enough to post this crap would never understand it. Need to be more straightforward in future comments.

So check it out. There are three things I hate in DeviantArt. I hate anything made in DeviantArt Muro, it’s a web-based paint applet within the DA website. It isn’t even bad! But everything ever made on it looks like shit. I hate all these “Support Japan” themed images. Most of them are horrible, all of them are useless. Finally I hate wallpapers that are not wallpaper sized. I decided to roll all of these into one, and make it myself. So I made this, my most hated piece of shit that I have seen 100 times.

Ignore the comments they aren’t important yet. as you can see it’s called Terrible Cliche Wallpaper and it looks like shit. The point of this is to fish for one of my victims to come look at my work on DA and see this. Then say something like “LOL! You dare talk shit to me when you make trash like this!?” When in reality I am just trolling them the entire time. (For the record I do have about 10 or so images on DeviantArt so it’s not like I am being all anonymous.) Anyway, I have been waiting for the moment when someone bites the bait and it finally happened.

I got a personal message today on DeviantART of a user telling me how he actually felt bad about what I said until he looked at my profile and saw that I get off on making others unhappy. Then he told me to have a nice life. I typed out a reply letting this user know that he should continue feeling bad; just because I tell many people how bad their art is doesn’t actually make his particular art any less bad. Unfortunately he blocked me so I was unable to give him that message.