Each night sexy dreams
each morning optimism
Emily fetish

the link building task
little brain-power required
but so exhausting

Multiple Beats

Terrible morning
to aid my decompression
some bitter coffee


“affiliate schemes”
suspicious category
click on submit link

directory list
five hundred open tabs
Firefox doesn’t crash

Flash Freeze

a glimpse of springtime
trees enjoy sunbathing
smothered by snowstorm

shovel the driveway
the chore almost forgotten
—a harsh reminder

Miss-sized wallpaper?
such an amateur mistake
get used to failure

A terrible work—
your belief that it is art
what’s more upsetting?

Such shabby artwork
yet you find it worth sharing
—Impressive ego

internet suffers
wasting bandwidth on this piece
—all of us suffer

Unpleasant coffee
enough cream and sugar
mildly unpleasant

cold fingers welcome
what my lips dare not approach
steaming profusely

cold, dark and bitter
I can only force so much
day three—no sugar

Tea Time

tea after coffee
sugar never added
just now I notice

Lunch Time

lunchtime discussion
four drinks on the table
slowly get empty

three computer screens
eyes alternate between them
all of them Facebook

Unnecessary Stress

the morning stresses
blocked out by my headphones
favicon design


Phone keys or wallet
one of three always missing
after I get dressed